Fertiliser Products

  • Lawn Builder Pro No 1 : N30-P0-K0

    Spring Fertiliser - To give your lawn that initial sring growth for regeration and enhanced colour

  • Lawn Builder Pro No 2 : N25-P10-K0

    Summer Fertiliser - Sustain appearance and colour and to encourage accelerated root development.

  • Lawn Builder Pro No 3 : N10-P5-K5

    Autumn Fertiliser - To achieve optimum balance and strength to enable turf to endure the late season weather conditions and protect against low temperatures

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Fertiliser Products

We pride ourselves in knowing that Fineland Lawn Builder Pro range of fertilisers will keep your lawn in tip-top condition throughout the whole year; you can choose from Spring, Summer and Autumn fertilisers depending on the needs of your turf and the finish you wish to achieve

Fineland Lawn Builder Pro range of fertilisers

Fertilising your lawn turf is quite a tricky question, but it's really based on three essential factors; the type of grass, the climatic conditions and how healthy you want your lawn to look. Of course some people want to look the best, while others may not be willing to put in a lot of hard work; it varies from person to person, but we can offer you the benefit of some of our experience.

If you really want your lawn to look particularly lush, then you need to fertilise the lawn at least 4-5 times a year. The bare minimum for any type of turf is at least twice a year. There are essentially two categories of grass. The first is the warmer climate grass, while the other is the colder climate grass.

Since each category of grass has its own growing season, apply the fertiliser appropriately. It's a general rule that fertilisers should be applied only when the lawn is growing. If you apply it earlier, you will encourage the growth of weed and that's not great for your lawn turf.

When choosing a fertiliser, there are certain essential points that should be kept in mind. These are guidelines to help you choose better.

There are a number of pre mixed combinations that are available

Fertilisers are premixed with disease control, moss control, dandelion control and pest control elements. This saves you considerable time and effort.

If you apply nitrogen to a dormant lawn, it encourages the growth of weed or unwanted grass in your lawn. Apply the nitrogen-based fertilisers when the lawn is growing as it helps to nourish the grass. If you have had a long winter, then you should wait until the grass starts growing again.

There are many types of fertilisers and they all carry their own advice. Many of them are also ‘timed release’; this means that the fertilisers would be released in the soil over a period of 2-8 months. Be sure to read the label to avoid over fertilising and burning the lawn in the process

Don't fertilise the lawn during dry periods as fertilisers need plenty of water for the turf to absorb the nutrients. If you have had a particularly dry spell, then you should wait for the weather to change before then watering the lawn; failing this, you may burn your lawn.