Lawn Turf Products

Here at Fineland Turf, we’ve been growing and supplying our own turf since 1985 – that’s over 25 years experience providing our customers with top-quality fine turf products.

Fineland Regency Turf

Extra touch of class premium quality seed mixture, deep green luxury turf. Excellent lush green colour, slower growing and without ryegrass. Ideal for show lawns, driveways, cricket outfields, golf fairways and tees.

Fineland Majestic Turf (our best seller)

Excellent variety seed mixture containing dwarf ryegrass for a harder wearing application and drought tolerant. This is our "all rounder" turf and is more suitable for gardens where children or animals are present, heavily trodden public areas, football pitches and golf tees where a self seeding Ryegrass application is required

Fineland Monarch Turf

Ultra fine fescue seed mixture for short mowing applications. Ideal for golf course greens etc.

Fineland Sports Turf

Heavy duty hardwearing grass blend aimed at football, rugby, lawn bowls pitches and other hard sports grounds.

Regency Turf

We’ve grown with our product over the years, and can offer quality turf products, topsoils and fertilisers suitable for golf courses, sports fields, playgrounds, domestic use and corporate use, to name but a few. Why not call one of our friendly advisors to ask about our diverse range of durable, quality turf products?

Our team is dedicated to maintaining the condition of the turf, especially during the warmer parts of the season. Our turf is irrigated continuously during this period using Sherburn's unique mineralised water supply which drains naturally down to our lagoons from the Yorkshire Wolds. We think it's part of the reason our turf looks so healthy and lush.

The best way to produce premium quality garden lawn turf is to use the finest blend of cultivars and take exceptional care in sowing, cultivating and harvesting. Fineland Turf has exacting standards in all these areas. We only include the very best seed varieties available in our turf blends. By doing this we are able to produce turf with characteristics that guarantee durability, disease resistance, drought tolerance, excellent year round colour and a healthy dense sward. When you buy our turf you can rest assured you will be getting the best quality lawn turf at a price that you can afford. Contact us now for our turf prices.

When you buy turf, the first aspect to bear in mind is that a newly-lifted turf has to be laid within a certain period of time, usually 48 hours. Failing to lay it in this amount of time may damage it irreparably. The sooner you lay the turf, the better it will grow.

When you buy lawn turf it’s important to remember that you – the home or business owner – will have to fit it yourself; why not look at our online turf laying guide for some useful tips? The process is simple, but it does require some knowledge and preparation. The surface that is to be covered with turf needs to be levelled and fed with a fertiliser. The fertiliser will need to be worked into the soil using a rake and it’s important not to apply too much of the fertiliser, as this can damage the roots. Following the directions on preparing the soil will help you to achieve the best possible finish when you lay your turf.

Some customers also choose to lay topsoil beneath the turf. This is usually done if your soil is of a poorer quality.

Before you buy lawn turf online, remember to check the total area of your garden in square meters, feet, or yards. Our garden turf is cut fresh to order every day to ensure that our turf has the best start possible when laid. Our well known and very popular Fineland ‘Regency and Majestic Turf’ particularly continues to delight and exceed customer expectations, receiving consistently excellent feedback over the past years.

The current management challenge has always been to provide an excellent product for the most discerning of customers. We know how much pride people take in their gardens and outside areas, and we continually strive to supply the best quality turf that is easy to maintain and looks good in all seasons. Now and always we will continue to take a hands-on approach to business and strive to provide a friendly and professional service.

Our turf is available in light handy to lay rolls one square meter. The turf is cut fresh to order every day to ensure that our turf has the best start possible when laid.