Domestic Home Lawn/Garden Turf

Our range of lawn turf for your home

At Fineland Turf we have worked over the years to produce the ideal turf for your home & garden lawn. We have selected two of our range of turf most suited to domestic use.

Fineland Regency Turf

Extra touch of class premium quality seed mixture, deep green luxury turf. Excellent lush green colour, slower growing and without ryegrass. Ideal for show lawns, driveways and stately homes.

Fineland Majestic Turf (our best seller)

Excellent variety seed mixture containing dwarf ryegrass for a harder wearing application and drought tolerant. This is our "all rounder" turf and is more suitable for gardens where children or animals are present.

Fineland Turf has been growing and supplying the highest quality lawn turf available since 1985. Our well known and very popular Fineland 'Regency and Majestic Turf' particularly continues to delight and exceed customer expectations, receiving consistently excellent feedback over the past years.

We have a range of turfs aimed at the home garden. Our Majestic lawn turf is hardwearing, durable and easy to maintain and is ideally suited to a family garden where it's hard wearing qualities mean it will withstand the occasional football game. Our regency lawn turf is much finer and contains no ryegrass, this produces an ideal lush green show lawn.

We can deliver your turf order direct to your door and our home lawn turf is totally weed free for that perfect looking home lawn.

The current management challenge has always been to provide an excellent product for the most discerning of customers. We know how much pride people take in their gardens and outside areas, and we continually strive to supply the best quality turf that is easy to lay, maintain and looks good in all seasons.

Garden turf for your home