Corporate, Local Authority and Public Services Suppliers

Fineland Monarch Turf

Ultra fine fescue seed mixture for short mowing applications. Ideal for golf course greens etc.

Fineland Sports Turf

Heavy duty hardwearing grass blend aimed at football, rugby, lawn bowls pitches and other hard sports grounds.

If you are a local authority, parish council, county council or town council looking for quality, durable, hard wearing turf, then our range of turfs is exactly what your require.

Nothing is more important than safe, durable quality turf that looks good through all seasons; and that's where Fineland Turf's expertise comes to the fore.

local authority or council looking for quality, durable, hardwearing

How often have we seen children using play equipment in a manner inconsistent with its original design intent? A well designed guardrail becomes a high wire act or a slide becomes a giant wave to be surfed down. Unfortunately, and in spite of our best efforts, the very nature of children's play makes falls to the surface inevitable. It is estimated that over 70% of playground injuries are due to falls to the surface.

At Fineland Turf, safety is our first and foremost concern and we understand the importance of peace of mind for parents while your children are out playing. Our quality turf products offer a soft and supple play surface that can be utilised every day without worry of excessive wear.

With Fineland Turf's quality, durable turf you can do away with sand, gravel or mulched play areas that often hide harmful debris such as glass and other sharp objects under the surface.

The type of turf you require depends on the project you are doing, and will differ considerably. It is important that you choose the right turf for your needs; for more information, contact one of Fineland Turf's in-house turf advisors.

Fineland Regency Turf

Extra touch of class premium quality seed mixture, deep green luxury turf. Excellent lush green colour, slower growing and without ryegrass. Ideal for cricket outfields,golf fairways and tees

Fineland Majestic Turf (our best seller)

Excellent variety seed mixture containing dwarf ryegrass for a harder wearing application and drought tolerant. This is our "all rounder" turf so can be used in many sprting applications, from football pitches to golf tees where a Ryegrass application is specified.