Advice on Laying Turf

Although we often lay turf for our customers we also offer advice and guidenece to people wanting to lay their own turf.

1 Ensure that the soiled area to be used has been treated with a weedkiller, Glyphsate based such as Roundup two weeks before any work commences.

2 Clear/Strim/Rake area clear of weeds and debris.

3 Rotovate or dig over soiled area to a depth of approximately 6 inches. Topsoil if necessary.

4 Rake to a rough level and compact, the best way is to paddle evenly with your feet up and down and side to side. If this is not possible then a light roller can be used .

5 Topsoil for levels, rake all area level to a fine finish and remove any large stones that come to the surface. A long straight piece of wood can be used to check how flat and level the soil is. Some people prefer to use pegs and lines or a long spirit level, use which ever you find the easiest to work with.

6 Lay your turf as soon as possible after delivery.

7 Always keep your rolls out of the sun during the warmer months.

8 Always try to lay your new lawn to 90 degrees to your house if possible so when you look from your door or window the stripes are running away from you.

9 Keep all joints pushed tight together and stagger the joins brick fashion on each row by approx. 2ft.

10 Watering

Applications should be morning and evening. Keep your new lawn watered with a sprinkler for a least 2 to 3 weeks to ensure good root establishment. Your new lawn will, once established, benefit from watering once a week during summer.

11 Mowing for the First Time

Be prepared to cut your new lawn in around 2 to 3 weeks’ time. You may have to stop watering a couple of days prior to the cutting day to enable the ground to dry so you achieve a good cut. Start with a high mower setting and slowly over time reduce to a lawn height you are happy with.

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