Topsoil Products

  • Grade 1 – Fineland Sandy Loam Topsoil

    Organic soil, 10mm screened. Free draining soil, ideal for laying turf/developing seed beds, etc

  • Grade 2 – Fineland General Purpose Topsoil

    Soil 20mm screened, excellent for landscaping and building levels. Free draining soil, can be used as a sub-base for our Grade 1.

  • Grade 3 – Fineland Natural Topsoil

    Ungraded virgin soil. Dark and organic, ideal for beds and borders. Naturally dug with nothing added or removed.

Topsoil products

Topsoil Products

Top soil is a mix of soil and sand in a specific proportion. It is a medium loamy soil that looks very black and has a crumbly texture. It is rich in organic substances and has a neutral pH.

Any soil in a garden or lawn wears out and loses its crucial minerals with time. You can buy topsoil and replace the upper layer of the soil in your garden or lawn. Topsoil is very popular for people who want to lay turf and ensure that the turf grows well. In this case, it is applied underneath the turf.

Topsoil products

Ensuring you have high quality topsoil is essential as it will provide early establishment and development of turf, seed, trees, shrubs, vegetables and plants. It is the foundation of any healthy landscaping scheme, therefore, it’s essential to know the composition, source and quality. We offer three grades of topsoil, each suitable for varying purposes.

The preparation for laying a lawn with topsoil and turf is as follows: prepare the area – level the ground. Order the topsoil and turf. As soon as you receive them, lay the topsoil, spray it with fertiliser, and work the top layer into small crumbs using a rake. Finally, lay the turf. Rich topsoil will help your lawn look healthy and lush.

But when you buy topsoil online, how much should you purchase? This will depend on the size of the area that you want to cover, as well as the depth of the layer that you want to have. For instance, 660 lbs (300 kg) of topsoil will cover an area of 107 sq ft (10 sq meters) with a 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep layer – this is perfect for turf laying projects. Therefore, if you need to cover an area that is three times larger, simply multiply 660 lbs (300 kg) by 3. All our topsoil products are sourced locally from in and around the North Yorkshire area. Our aim is to supply a consistent quality product. Our top soil products are available in bulk bags or loose loads, and we think you’ll agree that our three types of topsoil will meet the requirements of any outside area to promote the healthiest, lushest growth.